How Our Clients GET OFF the
Content Creation Treadmill

& Fill Their Coaching Programs Months in Advance
WITHOUT a Giant Team
or a Hefty Retainer

with Tamika Auwai, CEO of Orisha Creative


Watch Now To Uncover:

  • Why your nurture marketing deserves as much strategic thinking as your lead gen and your launch.
  • Why LESS nurture content, NOT more is the key to turning new leads into new clients.
  • The #1 secret to automating your nurture marketing without losing authenticity & effectiveness.
  • What it really takes to delegate your nurture marketing AND have your team create better results than you could create yourself.
  • Exactly how our proprietary high-converting, evergreen nurture marketing framework (the Nurture Matrix™) gets Coaches, Mentors & Teachers off the content creation treadmill while filling premium programs MONTHS in advance.

"I can also attest to the brilliance of Tamika and her team! What we have implemented (so far) has not only allowed me to over double my business... It has been done with love, grace, compassion and integrity. I am so grateful for you."

Laura Wieck | Founder of BodyMind Coaching

"You have the ability to help a client who has a vault of content and has so much that they can do and re-purpose and re-share and twist and turn and move around their overall content-sharing board so that they're able to keep things fresh but use things they've already made. That's the coolest thing about what you've created with Nurture Matrix that makes it so flexible. It can meet people where they are."

Eryn Morgan | Business Coach & Success Strategist

About Your Case Study Host, Tamika Auwai

Tamika Auwai is a seasoned Nurture Marketing Strategist, Chief Content Marketing Officer for several established Coaches, and CEO of Orisha Creative, a full service, nurture marketing agency serving 7-figure Coaches and Experts in the personal growth field.

About Orisha Creative

Orisha Creative is the nurture marketing agency that smart Coaches call when they’re ready to get off the content creation treadmill without seeing sales dip! Our proprietary nurture marketing framework, the Nurture Matrix™, helps established coaches, mentors and teachers get OUT of the marketing day-to-day while seeing their premium programs fill in a fraction of the time.