Attention: Master Coaches, Experts & Leaders!

Are you ready to spend less time playing Marketing Director and more time
BEING the Creative Genius inside your business?

What about getting out of the marketing day-to-day so you can devote actual time and energy to the projects and people you really care about?

If your answer is
HECK YES!! then
The Nurture Matrix™ is for YOU

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If you’re game to take a huge chunk of weekly marketing off your plate AND fill your core programs months in advance WITHOUT a big team or hefty retainer to make it happen... we can help!

Introducing The Nurture Matrix™

We make automation equal MORE sales and LESS on your to do list using our proprietary, high-converting nurture framework, the Nurture Matrix™.

With the Nurture Matrix™, we identify and leverage your MVPC’s (your Most Valuable Pieces of Content) and turn them into a compelling 90 day evergreen nurture sequence that has ideal clients asking YOU how they can step into your programs.

This framework helps our clients fill their premium coaching program MONTHS in advance without cranking out new content all the time just to keep their community engaged.

Ready to get off the content creation treadmill and enjoy an easier, automated, and more effective way to nurture leads and fill your premium programs?

Here are two resources to get started!

Is Your Nurture Content Engineered To Turn New Leads into NEW CLIENTS?

Find Out By Downloading Our FREE Nurture Opportunity Scorecard

This is the exact assessment tool we use with our agency clients to help them produce nurture content that fills premium coaching programs in a fraction of the time without getting stuck on the content creation treadmill.


Watch Our FREE Case Study For Master Coaches

How Our Clients GET OFF the Content Creation Treadmill & Fill Their Coaching Programs Months in Advance WITHOUT a Giant Team or a Hefty Retainer

Find out by watching our FREE Case Study for Master Coaches with Tamika Auwai, CEO of Orisha Creative.

Client Love Stories

Here's what our amazing clients have to say about us!

Laura Wright | Founder of EPIC at Sales

Jamie Glowacki | Founder of Oh Crap Potty Training

Molly Mahar | Founder of Stratejoy

Laura Wieck | Founder of BodyMind Coaching

Shereen Sun | Founder of Radiant Wildheart

Theresa Richard | Founder of Mobile Dysphagia Diagnostics

Who we are

Helmed by Content Marketing Strategist, Tamika Auwai, Orisha Creative is a the nurture marketing agency that smart Coaches call when they’re ready to get off the content creation treadmill for good!

We help established coaches, mentors and teachers get OUT of the marketing day-to-day without seeing sales take a dip.

In fact, many of our clients retire themselves as Marketing Director while their programs fill months in advance, ultimately freeing them up to work on the personal and professional projects that really light them up.